Organic and Biodynamic Viticulture

Tenuta Licinia has been certified since the vines were
planted. Being organic means keeping the microbial life of
the soil in good condition. Healthy soils allow healthy root
development for the vines and assure the long-term health
of the plants.

Biodynamic principles are also used in the vineyard in the
search for a healthier plant. The vine needs to be as healthy
as possible in order for it to produce a more sophisticated


Our harvesting is divided between the micro parcels and
each micro parcel is vinified separately.


We like to age our wines for a long time before release
because we believe that they grow with time and that is
also how we prefer our wines. We typically hold onto our
bottles for 4 years before release.



James Marshall

James took over the vineyard planted by his grandfather in
2020. At the time, he was in the latter stages of his
doctorate at Oxford University, which was on the nature of
normativity and value. His research interests in wine are
on the subsoil-grape interaction as well as the nature of
wine quality and whether wine quality is really as
subjective as people tend to claim. He aims to produce
sensorially beautiful wines that capture the site-specific
aromas of the vineyard.

Cellar Manager

Andrea Bordacchini

Andrea has been working at Licinia since 2014. He is
particularly interested in the theory of extraction and maximizing
the ratio of interesting extracted elements from the grapes to
unpleasant or harsh aromas from the grapes. Andrea is
passionate about Burgundian wines and likes wines to be both
accessible in their pleasantness as well as complex.

Vineyard Manager

Luciano Starnini

Luciano has been working at Licinia since 2014. His
main interest in winemaking is the effects of pruning
methods and other viticultural management techniques
on the aromatic and phenolic quality of wines. Luciano
particularly likes the soft tannic structures of Merlot
although he believes that Tuscan Merlot still has some
way to go to approach the best in France.

Director of Sales

Laura Bacci

Laura Bacci joined the team in 2022. Laura runs the
operations and is the point of contact for the sales and
acquisitions of the wines. Apart from Licinia’s single
vineyard wines, Laura loves tasting small producer
sparkling wines made in méthode traditionnelle
especially from Champagne and Franciacorta.