The Area

The winery is situated near the village of Lucignano, a small hilltop village on the northern edge of the Valdichiana. As an Etrucan area, Lucignano has a long history of wine production - which largely died out in the 20th century. One of the aims of Tenuta Licinia is to bring fine wine production back to the village and the surrounding area. 


Down in the Valdichiana valley, the soils are less interesting - deep and fertile subsoils that produce thin wines with less territorial identity. Lucignano and the Valdichiana’s geology becomes more interesting from the winemaking perspective when you leave the valley floor and sharply rise into a series of jagged and rocky hills.These higher hills are a patchwork of terroirs that change every radically every 50-100m. But even in these zones, most of the subsoils are not interesting. Despite this, within this quickly changing geology there are some incredible subsoils.. TAhis quickly changing nature of geology makes it crucial to select very specific confined areas to grow high level wines.